Mindset Coaching

Do you ever experience the feeling that you’re stuck? You’ve read all the self-help books, spent hours watching motivational YouTube videos and attended plenty of inspirational events. You’ve tried to sort yourself out but you’re just trapped with overthinking, doubt and fear.

Without support, it can be difficult to see exactly how we’re holding ourselves back. Although we know we’re the source of our problem, we get in our own way of progression, success and happiness in business, relationships and all aspects of life.

Eileen has over a decade of experience helping people get out of their own way. In here 121 Mindset Coaching, Eileen creates a supportive and safe environment. She uses her knowledge and experience as an IAPCM Accredited Fellow Coach to help you be your best self. Eileen helps you to design your life in a more joyful and purposeful way that works for you. With her incredible listening ear and intuition, Eileen listens to you, asks you questions and coaches you to discover possibilities that you never imagined.

Eileen’s unique skills have coached clients to:

  • Move beyond current challenging situations and/or behaviours.
  • Be able to change sabotaging behaviours that get in the way.
  • Break down and change the judgments you have about yourself.
  • Work with the critical inner voice which affects your happiness and productivity.
  • Look at ways of dealing with other people’s opinions of you, without taking it personally.
  • Look at recurring behaviours and what you can instantly do to change them.
  • Be able to notice and praise your skills and what you have to offer.
  • Find a way to stop giving yourself such a hard time.
  • Plan what you truly want in all areas of your life and how you can manifest this.

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What Eileen’s 121 Clients Think…

Fabulous lady and fabulous coach

I have just finished my call with Eileen and had a major realisation! Fabulous lady and fabulous coach that helps you get out of your own way.

Jean Gibson

Business Owner

With Eileen on your side it’s inevitable – you are going to win

Eileen just knows what to say and when to say it. She has a unique ability to be able to mindset coach, performance coach and relationship coach all wrapped into one. Whatever challenge is thrown my way, she helps me solve it.

John Beattie

International Athlete, CEO of Move Better Run Better

Eileen is truly incredible

Eileen is truly incredible, she’s made me really look at my behaviours and self sabotaging ways in a positive way. When I first started coaching I believed that my ego was my enemy and I needed to fight it… how enlightening it is to realise you can make your ego your friend and help it help you! WOW!!!!

Clare Bayley

Business Owner

Best decision I ever made to solve a business problem

Through implementing what Eileen taught me from just the first session, I saved a financial deal that paid back my investment ten times over. She knows everything there is to do with mindset and lives up to her ninja name.

Sam Druce

Funnels & Ads Business Builder

It was amazing speaking to Eileen

Amazing speaking to Eileen, helped me see things differently and look forward to working with her more in the future

Shaun Cummings

Business Owner

My confidence and my business have grown

I heard great things about Eileen and was intrigued. I knew I had got into the pattern of overthinking and wasting time. I now understand how to change any repeating behaviours. Thank you Eileen!

Anna Ryan

Clinical Pilates and Equipilates Coach

I was struggling with the never-ending list of tasks I had to do

The free ‘get out of your own way’ consultation call I had with Eileen was really useful. I was struggling with the never-ending list of tasks I had to do to set up my business and I felt completely overwhelmed. Eileen gave me some suggestions as to how to tackle this, which I have found invaluable in making me feel much more focused about what I need to do to achieve my business goals.

Coral Sirett

Business Owner

Eileen knows her stuff!

Eileen is an amazing guide and facilitator who will take you on a journey of discovery to know, understand and connect to yourself. The clarity and focus that you get from her workshops astound me every time – she just knows her stuff when it comes to any form of doubt or behaviours which affect our growth.

Lucy Tobias


Eileen helped me to clarify what it was that was preventing me from moving forward with my business and why

I just had my complimentary Get out of Your Own Way call with Eileen and am absolutely buzzing as she really helped me to clarify what it was that was preventing me from moving forward with my business and why! Thank you so much! I am so excited to put what we talked about into practice and working with you again in the future!

Ellie Poore

Eileen helps you to be kinder to yourself

I have learnt so much more about myself and especially with how I can unblock my blocks. Eileen helps you to understand the importance of being kinder to yourself and once you can see this, you’ll start to see great results in your personal and work life. Her workshops really open your eyes and gets you super clear on setting intentions for the year ahead.

Ruth Clarke

Business Owner

Eileen is an amazing coach

Eileen is an amazing coach that really understands and gets to the root of the problem.

Nicola Church

Personal Trainer

My relationships have improved massively

Eileen’s 121 coaching programme is just brilliant. I feel much more confident in my own ability, feel more relaxed about my life and have a sense of knowing that I will receive anything I want in life. I have learnt that if I am me, then everyone can just be themselves around me – which is a win win for us all. Thank you Eileen!

Jeni Ferguson

Pilates Studio Owner

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