Mindset Workshops

Eileen delivers Mindset Workshops throughout the year, designed to help you get out of your own way.

Mindset Workshops

Eileen’s Mindset Workshops are a brilliant place to help you delve deeper into who you truly are. They cover a range of topics that can facilitate you to expand your self worth, get what you want from life and reduce your negative thinking. As an IAPCM Accredited Fellow Coach, Eileen utilises a range of coaching and teaching techniques that allow you to get what you need from each mindset workshop. Throughout the day you will be given time to learn from Eileen’s teaching, get involved in group work, and you will also be given the opportunity for self reflection. 

The Workshops are held from 10am-5.30pm at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel, Paradise Way, Walsgrave on Sowe, Coventry CV2 2ST.

NB: The Workshops listed below are currently set to be held in-person in Coventry. The Workshops will be held in accordance with Government regulations with regards to Covid-19.  If Government restrictions come into play so we are unable to meet in-person then the Workshops will still go ahead online. 

If you have any questions about any of the Workshops get in touch!


Want To Know What Others Think?

10 Out Of 10!

I loved the connection and an alternative way to set goals.

Isabel Houghton

Business Owner

Straight talking, but completely supportive and encouraging

I always enjoy Eileen’s manner and style of delivery, its never too ‘fluffy’. Just straight talking, but completely supportive and encouraging.

Kirsty Ellis

Business Owner

I’ve done 2 so far & LOVED them

Lockdown brought all kinds of challenges but there certainly were some light sides. One of which has been the fantastic Masterclass’s Eileen set up. I’ve done 2 so far & LOVED them. In 90 minutes I learnt so much but the best bit for me is the break out rooms. Really enjoyed practicing what we’d learnt with a partner in private ❤️
If you’re already a client of Eileen’s & haven’t made it to one yet I highly recommend you do & if you aren’t a customer yet but have been curious about what she does these masterclasses are GREAT VALUE 🙌🏼

David Mackman

Business Owner

Eileen’s masterclasses are pure enlightenment

Eileen’s masterclasses are pure enlightenment. The amount of ‘stuff’ I got out of an easy to follow, low tech but incredibly insightful and ‘relevant to you’ was awesome.
Also a Huge personal development for myself and also loads to take away and implement with my clients.
Can’t thank you enough Eileen.

Elaine Wright

Business Owner

Each time I’ve left feeling inspired, invigorated and ready for whatever the world is going to throw at me

I discovered Eileen at the beginning of the year after a colleague recommended her, I took part in one of Eileen’s retreats and have completed some of her online masterclasses during this weird old year. I have gained so much from these masterclasses, each time I’ve left feeling inspired, invigorated and ready for whatever the world is going to throw at me. Eileenˋs approach is so personable and allows you to observe what comes up for you in her sessions in a compassionate, safe and nurturing environment and provides you with the skills to understand and manage what arises. I highly recommend her sessions, what you will learn about yourself and how to move forward in your life is invaluable. Keep doing what you’re doing, your incredible at it Eileen

Gemma Tighe

Business Owner

For anybody who is considering doing one of her masterclasses I would just say do it

I have been working with Eileen for 3 years now and one of her greatest innovations has come about because of Covid and these are her Masterclasses. I love them.

My biggest breakthrough from Eileen’s masterclasses is that it makes me look at areas of my life that I hadn’t even thought of only to find that this is where I need to be working right now. What I love most about working with Eileen is that whenever I think I’ve got a hold on this mindset business she throws in another curve ball that makes me dig deeper. She really is a mindset Ninja. For anybody who is considering doing one of her masterclasses I would just say do it because by taking part you’ll be able to answer questions that you’ve buried and ignored for a long time. 3 words that describe my experience of Eileen are: generous, gifted and enthusiastic.

Tony Vout

Pilates Instructor

The Online Masterclasses are a true blessing to me

All of Eileen’s events are fantastic, The Online Masterclasses are a true blessing to me. For me, they always apply to all aspects of life. They teach you a new way to approach problems and find solutions in a way that allow you to enjoy the journey you take instead of dreading it.

Matthew Sharky Sims

Personal Trainer

I feel safe to share

I just love the non-judgemental, compassionate and empathic space that is created in these masterclasses. It is the one place I am always happy to openly share as I feel safe to do so. I love all the masterclasses. I am truly grateful for the space and the people I have connected with. Thank you.

Lavinia Milner-Gray

Health Coach

These Masterclasses provide the ROPE we need when we fall into a pit or take a wrong turn

It was refreshingly clear and sufficiently absorbing to put straight into practice for everyday situations and made me aware of some of the words I say to myself when things go wrong and goals are not met. I was dreading the practice session but actually enjoyed it! It taught me a lot. Keep going! This provides the ROPE we need when we fall into a pit or take a wrong turn.

Christopher Button

Business Owner

I now feel I have more tools to help me

Loved this masterclass, it was a great reminder of many things I know but part of me would like to forget as forgetting serves a purpose. It has helped spur me on and use self doubt in a different way at a time when I want to transition my business. The newness of what I want to do is causing self doubt so I now feel I have more tools to help me use self doubt to move me forwards, thank you Eileen x

Louise Howard

Business Owner

It felt like a safe space

I really enjoyed the course, and even though at the start I didn’t know anyone, it felt like a safe space filled with kindred spirits, where I could share my innermost thoughts without fear of being judged.

Anna Metcalfe

Project Manager

Always just what I need

Always so insightful and clear and thought provoking!  Always just what I need.

Jeni Ferguson

Business Owner